Cancer Awareness

The fear associated with cancer mainly arise due to lack of knowledge.

With awareness lectures, the Foundation hopes to diminish them and make people realize that cancer is a preventable and curable disease if detected early and treatment is given promptly.

TCF work to improve cancer awareness among common people irrespective of social and financial status by organising CANCER AWARENESS CAMPS.

Cancer Screening

SCREENING for cancer means looking for cancer BEFORE there are symptoms.

Screening may identify early cases of cancer that might never have become clinically apparent.

TCF educates the people to visit any doctor or health center if they have any doubt of having early symptoms of the disease.

To achieve the objectives the foundation has been organizing SCREENING PROGRAMS in rural areas of districts like Hoogly, Burdwan, Canning etc.

Screening Program

TCF also organized DOOR-TO-DOOR SCREENING PROGRAM in each village and made people aware of the symptoms of cancer and asked them for any symptoms.

In the screening campS we got many patients who needed to be medically supported but were not able to afford this medical expense. Therefore ,through the screening camps it is tried to detect cancer at early stages.

In developing country like ours most cases of cancer are detected in the advanced stages by which time they become untreatable.

With AWARENESS and SCREENING CAMPS we hope to detect cancer in its early stages thus increasing the changes of an effective cure.